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Adding bank accounts

Adding and deleting bank accounts

In order to start using the website, you need to define your bank account in zlotys in the Trading Panel and at least one foreign currency account as per the instructions below. If the User is interested in currency transactions on, you need to add also other bank accounts in the selected currencies. The Trading Panel has no limitations as to the bank accounts that you can define, moreover, you can add multiple accounts in the same currency. These instructions present the detailed steps to add a bank account.


Step 1 – Log into the Trading Panel

In order to define your bank accounts to be used for currency exchange transactions in the future, you need to log into the Trading Panel on The login process instructions have been provided in the “first steps" instruction manual.


Step 2 – Adding the first bank account number

When you log into the Trading Panel, select the bank accounts tab that is located in the side menu. makes currency transfers to the accounts at all banks available on the Polish market and allows you to purchase currencies and transfer them to international accounts. When you define a bank account, you need to specify whether this is an account kept by a bank in Poland or by an international bank.


If the bank account you enter is kept in Poland and held by the User of the website, leave the two top check boxes unmarked, as presented on the image. If the account is an international account, then tick the “international account" check box. Here you can define the transfer title and attribute it to the specific bank account by selecting the “custom transfer title" option.


If the bank account is a domestic account, the country code will be inserted automatically. Then, in the bank account number field, enter the relevant bank account number.


The system will automatically verify the correctness of the account number and will check the bank that keeps the account. If the number entered turns out to be incorrect, the system will notify the User thereof. In the next step, you need to select the currency in which the account is kept.


NOTE: Selecting the account currency is required to be able to perform transactions. Incorrect selection of the currency will result in automatic conversion of the transfer at an unfavourable bank rate. The “Your name" field enables you to set up an individual name of the account, which may include up to five characters.



When you add a bank account, you do not have to provide the account holder’s data as we assume that the User indicated in the Registration process is the holder of the accounts indicated in the Trading Panel.


In exceptional situations, the account may be held by a third party, both natural or legal, but then you need to provide full data of the account holder. Failure to indicate the account holder’s data may result in the cancellation of the transfer or delays in its execution. Moreover, it is possible that the bank will charge transaction costs in relation to errors in the account holder’s data, the costs of which shall be borne exclusively by the User. In order to add third party data, you need to select the option “account held by a third party" and then complete the account holder’s data.


The Trading Panel enables the User to add a custom transfer title upon selecting the “custom transfer title" option. In the “custom transfer title" field, you need to enter the title that will be saved and used automatically for further transactions. The title may be modified during a transaction.

If you want to make an international transfer using to a bank outside of Poland using the “International currency transfer" service, you need to add a foreign account. In order to add a foreign account, you need to tick the “foreign account" check box and then complete the following fields:

  • country code
  • bank account number
  • account currency
  • holder of the foreign account
  • address of the holder of the foreign account
  • country in which the bank receiving the transfer is located
  • SWIFT code


In order to accept and authenticate the added bank account number, download a one-time code by clicking the “download code" button.


The one-time code will be sent to the e-mail address indicated by the User during the registration process.



The code received in the e-mail should be copied and pasted in the relevant space of the Trading Panel. It is also necessary to enter the password used for logging into the website.


Concurrent use of the two verification methods in the form of a one-time code and an authentication password increase the security level of defining bank accounts in the Trading Panel. To complete the account adding process, click the “add account" button. The account added is visible under the “bank accounts" tab.


Step 3 Adding another bank account

In order to add another bank account number (as you can see in the example above), you have to repeat the same steps as when adding the first account. The procedure should be repeated for every bank account added.



Step 4 Deleting a bank account number

In order to delete an unnecessary bank account number, the User should select the “delete" button. In the process of account deletion, it is necessary to confirm the instruction with an access password to the website. If you accept the deletion, the account will be removed from the list of accounts available in the Trading Panel.

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