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In response to your needs, we offer the following trading models enabling to perform immediate and deferred transactions:


Here & Now – Immediate transaction

The service lets you to exchange currency quickly. The exchange rate presented is the most current, because it is refreshed every 2 seconds. Immediate transfer is performed immediately at the rate applicable at the time of the transaction. All processes of currency exchange and incoming payments are automated, eliminating errors at no additional cost to the customer.  


Your Rate – Deferred transaction

The service lets you exchange currencies at a pre-set rate. You can submit an exchange order at any time, and it will be made automatically during business hours (on business days) when the rate you set is matched with the market rate. This service is free of charge – our website charges no commission.


Your Time – Deferred transaction

This service enables you to set a fixed cyclical date for performing a currency purchase or sale transaction and to indicate the account to which the exchanged funds will be transferred. The service is very helpful for persons who are repaying a mortgage loan and who want to reduce costs using this free service.


International transfer

International transfer lets you send currencies from abroad to Poland and vice versa. The service is completely secure and automated, and – most importantly – it offers the lowest international transfer costs on the market.


Here & Now 24 – Immediate transaction 24

This model allows you to exchange foreign currencies at the current rate after business hours. Here & Now 24 allows you to perform free transactions at any time. The exchanged funds will be posted to an internal account or sent to the recipient’s account. Outgoing payment of the funds will be performed on the following business day. 

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