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Questions and answers

What is is a 24 hr online currency exchange platform that allows you to simply and securely exchange your foreign currencies online. Our innovative trading platform is based on actual listings of the Forex market, which guarantees the best online exchange rates and measurable savings for our clients.


Can I make a transfer abroad?

The currency exchange platform lets you transfer foreign currency to any place in the world for just a few zlotys, regardless of the transfer value. In the case of British pounds sterling, American dollars and Swiss francs, the cost for international transfer is PLN 5. In the case of a remittance in euro, the cost is only PLN 3 in accordance with the price list.


Who can be our customer?

Actually, any company or adult of legal age. Most often is used by individuals or companies that need to exchange currencies at a favourable rate and want to do this securely using the website. Clients are often people who have mortgage loans in foreign currencies such as EUR or CHF and need to buy foreign currency inexpensively every month in order to repay their mortgage or they could be working abroad. The website is used by many companies, especially ones that deal with export or import. Check this link to see the reviews of our website: reviews.


Can I exchange cash?

We operate as an online exchange platform, which means that the only form of currency exchange is a bank transfer. We do not accept or deliver cash.


Is using safe?

The exchange platform is extremely safe. is a currency exchange website owned by SUPER GRUPA PL Sp. z o.o. with a share capital of PLN 550,000, which guarantees the security of transactions made on the website.

The transfer of data between and the User’s computer is performed using a secure communication protocol called Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and the connection in the Trading Panel is encrypted using 256-bit symmetrical keys, which guarantees confidentiality of the data transfer. For more information, visit: Security on website


Can I make a currency exchange without prior registration?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. As an entity that deals with currency exchange, we operate in accordance with the requirements of the Foreign Exchange Law Act and the Act on preventing money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Our trading system is user-friendly and simple, which enables you to register without any hassle.


Do I have to pay to register and open an account with

Registration, opening an account and using the website is free of charge as indicated in our price list. In accordance with our policy of full transparency and client-friendly services, we do not charge any fees for registration and for opening an account.


Which currencies can be exchanged?

We offer a basket of ten currencies: EUR, CHF, USD, GBP, SEK, NOK, DKK, CAD, JPY and CZK. You can check the exchange rates for the euro and other currencies here: exchange rates.


Will you extend the number of banks where I can exchange my currencies for free?

Yes, of course. We recently added Pekao SA. And we are currently negotiating with a number of banks. keeps bank accounts with the following banks: Bank PKO BP, Pekao SA, Inteligo, BZWBK, Raiffeisen, KredytBank, BRE Bank, mBank, MultiBank, BPH, Alior, Alior Sync, Nordea, Santander, ING, Millennium, Bank Hipoteczny, Polbank,T-mobile Usługi Bankowe. Transfers to and from these banks are performed free of charge. We also cooperate with other banks, and the small fees for the transfers are included in the price list.


Is it possible to add funds with a credit card?

Yes, this is possible depending on the credit card functionality. If you can make a transfer from your card, then you can add money with it. However, banks rarely offer this possibility because transactions related with a credit card are settled at a commission of around 3%. In this case, cannot pay for this commission under a regular transaction as our very competitive spread between the currency sale and purchase would lead to a loss. Keep in mind that our profit, the so-called spread, is only 0.1%–0.2%.


My account is blocked due to a large number of logins. What can I do to access my account?

You need to reset your password. If you enter the wrong password five times, the account will be blocked automatically for your security. In order to be able to log in to the Trading Panel of online exchange platform again, you need to reset your password. Users can use the password reset option also when they forget their password to the Trading Panel. Password reset requires the User to follow a procedure for setting up a new access password. The procedure starts with the login form when you click the “Forgot password" button. The login procedure and the password reset procedure are described in detail in the “first steps" section: login help.


I want to exchange zlotys into GBP with and send them to the account at Lloyds TBS for my daughter who is studying abroad. Do I need to open a foreign currency account in my bank, ING?

In such a situation, there is no need to open a foreign currency account in ING. You should transfer PLN from your PLN account in ING to our PLN account in ING, and then purchase GBP and send them directly to the UK. On the website, you can define the GBP foreign currency account in Lloyds, and after the currency exchange, transfer the purchased pounds to that bank account in the UK. The costs of the transfer, regardless of the transferred amount, will only be PLN 5.


How can I purchase Swiss francs on in order to pay instalments on my mortgage loan?

I have a personal account with BPH and a loan in Santander Bank. Please tell me if it is possible for you to send the CHF that I purchase directly to the account to which I should transfer the instalment, and also include precise credit agreement data in the title since this is not an individual account. At BPH, I received information that if I wanted to transfer CHF from my individual account to the account at Santander, this transfer would be treated as an international transfer – with a fee of PLN 65 – which would cancel out any savings I made by purchasing CHF from you and not from Santander Bank.

The answer to all of these questions is: YES. You can transfer PLN to our account in BPH – the posting time is around 5 minutes. Cost PLN 0. You then make a PLN -> CHF transaction at the current exchange rate. then transfers the swiss francs to the credit account at Santander – the transfer is immediate. Cost PLN 0. You can place any information in the transfer title and the transfer will be executed with the very title you set.


I would like to send a remittance in euro abroad (more specifically to Belgium). What is the international transfer execution time from the moment the funds are sent until they are credited to the international account? Are there any express transfers and how much do they cost?

As a rule, a transfer in EUR to an international bank takes one business day if the transfer was made by 1.15 p.m. If the remittance is made after 1.15 pm., then it takes two business days for it to reach the recipient.

We can also make an express transfer for a fee of PLN 20. If you perform the transfer by 1.30 p.m., the funds will be credited to the beneficiary’s account on the same day. However, we will have to handle the transaction by e-mail / phone. There are not many people interested in this type of service, and hence it is not automated. Making such a transfer makes sense when its value exceeds EUR 10,000.


I made an international transfer in USD from Poland. Apart from an insignificant fee of PLN 5 for the transfer of dollars to the U.S. charged by, neither the bank in Poland nor the recipient bank in the U.S. charged any fees, however the intermediary bank charged a fee of USD 24. Can you please explain the fee?

Between the Polish bank from which the remittance was sent and the bank in the U.S., one or more banks were involved in the transfer. This is how international transfers work in the U.S. There are no direct connections between all the banks in the world, just like you don’t know all the people around the globe. So in order to make a transfer from bank A to bank Z, there are usually other banks involved in the transaction, especially in the case of international transfers. And in such circumstances, intermediary banks may (though not in all cases) charge a fee / commission for their participation in the transfer: this is a regular fee and there is nothing unusual about it, however, its amount and very occurrence may be frustrating.


You can try and check which bank charged the fee but you shouldn’t expect a refund. This kind of commission is charged by American banks in the case of transfers made using the SHA option. Such commission may not be charged by intermediary banks when the transfer is made in the OUR option. The cost of the OUR transfer is PLN 60. All of this information is presented in item 3 under the table on the page describing the cost of transfers from Fortunately in Europe and in most other parts of the world there are no intermediate bank fees.


If I make a transfer to the website at night or on the weekend, when will I see the money on the account?

On, incoming funds from clients are posted non-stop, 24/7. However, you need to remember that not all the banks make internal transfers all day long or on all days. Some banks do not perform internal transfers on weekends or at night (e.g. BPH or BRE). In addition, none of the banks make transfers during maintenance works, which are usually performed at night on weekends.


The transfer I made did not include my PESEL number. How can I correct that?

When making a bank transfer to the website, you need to enter your PESEL number or the company NIP number in the transfer title. This enables you to immediately post the transfers thanks to process automation. If you left off the PESEL or NIP numbers or entered the data incorrectly, an intervention on will be necessary. The client should log in to access the trading panel, and then provide the necessary data under the “contact" tab. Then, you need to select the “No PESEL / NIP" category and provide the details (currency, amount and the correct PESEL number) of the transfer.


I haven’t received an e-mail with my activation code from How can I accelerate the process?

By registering on, you will receive an e-mail with the activation link within 2 minutes. If you have not received the e-mail, first check whether the e-mail may have landed in your “spam" folder. We suggest marking e-mails from as trusted in order to receive payment receipts without interruptions. If you use Gmail and our message is incorrectly classified as spam, you can remove its spam label. You simply need to tick the message and click “This is not spam" on the top or bottom of the current view. Removal of the message label will automatically transfer it to the inbox.

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