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First steps

In this section, we want to clarify the proper use of the trading platform and the online exchange services. In this next section you will find a summary of the first steps required to conduct currency conversions. 



In this section, we explain how to register and start using our website service. We explain step by step each stage of setting up your password, entering User data and setting verification tools responsible for transaction security. 



We also explain the importance of entering correct User data, which will be necessary to enter bank accounts and make decisions on the currency exchange, adding and withdrawing of funds. We discuss the mechanism of currency exchange, including the issues related to currency exchange rates. It all starts with a detailed guideline on how to log into your panel and change the password. This is also where we provided information on User verification tools.

Adding bank accounts

We describe the procedures for adding bank accounts including foreign currency accounts as well as the issues related to adding funds, and payment of money to the User account on the website. Help includes steps necessary to connect the accounts in the Trading Panel and to remove them. We also indicate the manner of presenting funds available on the account, and how to use the order history and execution status.


Currency exchange

We discuss the stages of ordering and performing online currency exchange in detail. We describe the functions and exchange order options in the User Panel, including withdrawal of funds. We indicate the execution times for the specific transactions as well as any possible transaction costs.


Accounting documents

An extension of the help section is information on accounting documents and monitoring account balance. The help section also includes exhaustive explanations of procedures for changing passwords and/or User data. The accounting records offered will be very helpful for accountants. Accounting information is archived as appendices and is available under the “accounting documents" tab chronologically for every transaction.


All the above help subjects have been clearly presented using graphics, which makes the use of our online exchange platform much easier and more convenient. The content of the help section will let you learn how to manage your account, how to make transactions and how to monitor your account balance.

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