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Partner Programme

Are you satisfied with the services and products of Have you already saved money on a transaction, but perhaps would like more benefits with Well, that’s simple! Join our Partner Programme to become a Partner and benefit even more than before.

What is’s Partner Programme?

Our Partner Programme is aimed at providing benefits for both organising entities and our partners. It is a popular form of cooperation, marketing and sales support for businesses as well as among individual clients. When a new client is acquired, the Organiser pays an agreed bonus to the Partner. In the case of, the Partner Programme is a form of beneficial cooperation between you and the website that will allow you to earn passive profit with no effort.
If you are a satisfied client or even if you have not yet had the opportunity to use our website but you trust our services, join our Partner Programme and earn money by linking to!


How does the Partner Programme work?

You as a Programme Partner will promote the services and products of by simply using your website and the available network space that you dedicate to graphic promotion of our website with a direct link. Users of your website will be able to register at and exchange foreign currencies, and after the transaction is concluded, will pay you for recommending clients.


Who is the Partner Programme aimed at?

The Partner Programme is made up mainly of clients as well as web site owners interested in cooperating with us. All you need is to have your own website with a theme that is approved by employees and accept the terms and conditions of cooperation under the Programme, and you immediately become a Partner of The program offers a range of benefits that do not require any effort from you. However, your earnings on the Programme will depend on the popularity of your website and your users.


How can I join the Partner Programme?

In order to become a Partner of, promote and benefit from the Programme, you only need to notify of your intent to join the Programme by indicating the address of the website where you plan to promote


Simple rules

Notification of your intent to join the Programme should be made using the Contact tab, the form below or the Contact tab in the Trading Panel. If employees approve your website, you will receive an advertising banner with a link identifying your individual Partner account at As we are aware of the different requirements related to the size of the graphics, provides various versions of the banner. Aesthetic graphic values of the banner will perfectly fill out the free space on your website. In order to begin cooperation, you need to fulfil one condition – register at Participation in the Programme is free of charge, so you have nothing to lose – and lots to earn. For more information, check the Recommendation Programme Regulations.


Profit monitoring

Since the link is personalised, it is easy to calculate earnings for your clients who visited the website and performed transactions. Commissions provided for recommending clients are payable upon their first transaction, which means that registration alone is not quite enough. You can withdraw from cooperation with at any time, and it is up to you how you are going to acquire clients. As a Programme Partner, you will gain access to the Partner Programme panel where you can check your profits online in real time. 


How much can you earn from the Partner Programme?

You can earn as much as PLN 80 for every recommended client. It is, however, important to note that in order to receive profit for a client recommended, the client must carry out a currency exchange transaction at Your profits from the Partner Programme depend on the number of clients who use the link on your page that leads straight to There is no limit as to the number of people you can recommend. Your profit potential is unlimited. There is absolutely no risk or penalty if you fail to acquire any clients.

Feel free to join our Partner Programme at Exchange currencies, recommend our website and earn money with!



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