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Privacy policy

1. The personal data obtained using the Website in relation to the services provided with the Website shall be processed in accordance with the Act on personal data protection.

2. In order to ensure proper and lawful protection of the personal data of Users, the Operator has established a personal data file registered with GIODO, in accordance with the guidelines of the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (GIODO).

3. The personal data controller in the meaning of the Act on personal data protection shall be the Operator.

4. Acceptance of the Regulations shall be considered at the same time the User’s consent for the processing of their personal data.

5. Provision of personal data and consent to their processing shall be voluntary. Failure to consent to the processing of the data to the extent necessary for User Registration shall exclude the use of the Website.

6. Consent for personal data processing for purposes of sending marketing information by the Operator and its related entities shall be non-mandatory and its lack shall not preclude the use of the Website.

7. The User shall be able to modify or delete their personal data from the personal data file kept by the Operator at any time. Deletion of such data shall automatically result in the User Account being blocked.

8. Data provided by the User shall be used for the following purposes:

  • correct, secure and lawful provision of services provided by the Operator using the Website,
  • performing obligations arising from the provisions of the Act on money laundering,
  • accounting purposes,
  • informing the Users on the services offered by the Operator,
  • necessary communication between the User and the Operator.


9. The Operator shall not make the User’s personal data available or provide them to other Users, or to any persons or business entities without the User’s consent.

10. Identification of the IP address on the Trading Platform shall be used solely to ensure User security and shall not be used for any statistical purposes.

11. For the processing of personal data to the extent not provided for in the Regulations, the provisions of the Act on personal data protection together with its secondary legislation shall apply.

12. The use of the currency exchange platform shall mean acceptance of the Privacy Policy.

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