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Transfer costs

Korzyść oszczędnośćMost services offered by kantor.pl are free of charge. Cooperation with us provides clients with significant savings. It is vital to us that our clients have a pleasant user experience with Kantor.pl. In accordance with our policy of full transparency and client-friendly services, we do not charge any fees for the following operations:

  • Registration with kantor.pl – free
  • Making transactions – free
  • Foreign currency transfers from domestic banks (SHA option*) – free
  • Foreign currency transfers from foreign banks (SHA option*) – free
  • Electronic accounts – free
  • Transfers between clients and banks in which kantor.pl holds bank accounts – free

* SHA option: costs divided between the sender and the recipient


Price list – lowest fees in the online foreign exchange market

  1. Fees for international transfers amount to PLN 3 for transactions in EUR and PLN 5 for transactions in GBP, CHF and USD, regardless of the amount.
  2. Fees for transfers in banks in which Kantor.pl does not hold bank accounts, are included in the following list:


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