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How long does transfer take?

We normally execute bank transfers within 5 to 15 minutes. During service hours, Kantor.pl guarantees that payments are credited to the Customer's accounts within the time limits set out in the following links, provided that their bank’s IT systems are operating correctly.


Our cooperation with most banks is so fast that we will complete your transaction faster than you will be able to finish your coffee!


The currency exchange process normally takes up to 15 minutes. Transfers are fastest with cooperating banks, including: M-bank, Millennium, Pekao SA, PKO BP, Raiffeisen, Nordea, Multibank, Kredyt Bank, ING, Alior, Alior Sync, Santander, Inteligo, BPH, BZ WBK.


Posting time table



Outside of the service’s working hours, the posting time for payments may extend to the following working day since banks do not work at night or on weekends or holidays, while Kantor.pl operates 24/7.


Internal transfers ordered in the evening (outside of the working hours of bank IT systems) are carried out by banks on the next working day; therefore funds should appear in the accounts of Kantor.pl users on the following day. The presented posting times refer to working days, since banks do not work at night or on weekends or holidays.


Service hours of Kantor.pl on working days:

9:00 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.




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