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About Kantor.pl

Kantor.pl is a 24 hr non-stop currency exchange platform which enables clients to perform cost-effective and quick currency transactions.


The owner of kantor.pl is E-BUSINESS PARTNER, which was established on 14 April 2000 and has a share capital of PLN 4,061,500, guaranteeing the security of transactions made on the website. Check our credibility at the National Court Register


The company is affiliated with Jobs.pl, the first Online Job board in Poland and Central Europe, which has been operating on the Polish market for more than 17 years and reaches 4 million users.


In order to ensure fully professional service and quality for all transactions performed, Kantor.pl has forged cooperation with Super Grupa PL Sp. z o.o, which has operated on the foreign currency exchange market for many years and has become the transaction operator for kantor.pl.


How do I start?
You can exchange your currency in three simple steps.

1) Register – how to register
2) Add bank accounts – how to add a bank account
3) Exchange your currency online – how to make a transaction
Feel free to use our services and contact us if you have any questions – 22 859 0218.







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