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Raiffeisen Polbank

Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A. - operating on the market under the brand name of Raiffeisen Polbank - is one of the longest operating foreign banks on the Polish market. It belongs to the Austrian Raiffeisen Bank International Group, a leading financial institution in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. It has operated under the name of Raiffeisen Polbank since early 2013, when it merged with Polbank EFG S.A.


Raiffeisen Polbank began operations in 1991 (licence No. 002), offering a wide range of financial products for businesses. It soon became one of the largest lenders in this market segment. For years, it has also been the largest player on the factoring market and its subsidiary, Raiffeisen-Leasing Polska S.A., holds a strong position in this sector. Since the year 2000, the bank has also offered its services to individual customers from the Polish middle-class and affluent clients under a unique private banking service under the name of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen.


In 2012, the transaction to acquire Polbank EFG S.A., which up to then operated mainly on the retail market, was finalized. This merged institution under the name of Raiffeisen Polbank - became a universal bank, expanding its range of products and services offered to individual customers. These were consumer loans, mortgages, credit cards, savings products and modern payment solutions associated with mobile phones (NFC payments and mobile payments). In 2015 the bank’s subsidiary Raiffeisen Solutions entered the FX market with the company.


Raiffeisen Polbank serves approximately 700,000 customers, who can use a network of over 350 branches all across the country. A modern call centre and internet banking are also available for customers. The bank is a pioneer and leader in mobile banking in Poland and its Mobilny Bank application is adapted to all models of mobile phones, including the latest smart phones.


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