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Repaying a foreign currency loan

Repaying a foreign currency loan

Have you perhaps taken out a currency mortgage loan in Swiss francs (CHF) or euro hoping to save money, and now your bank is exchanging your hard-earned zlotys at their unfavourable rate? How can you best repay mortgage loans taken out in foreign currency? Now you don't have to passively watch as your bank is ripping you off! Register now and we can help to reduce each instalment toward your CHF loan. You can even automate the service so that your loan instalments are paid each month on the date you choose. Short instructions regarding site registration and to take advantage of the benefits of our online exchange office in four short steps can be found at the link above.


Repay your currency loan without a high bank margin

If you are repaying loans in foreign currencies, buying or selling real estate abroad, have a mortgage loan, or rent real estate abroad, is the right partner for you – we exchange currencies around the clock, safely, swiftly, and at a low currency exchange margin. Now you can rest assured that you are repaying your foreign currency loan at the Forex Interbank rate, and thanks to the Exchange currency on a chosen date service, you won’t have to remember about the monthly loan repayment date. You can choose a fixed, cyclical date for executing a purchase or sale order for the currency you choose and indicate the account to which the funds should be transferred. It is all taken care of automatically. The service is completely free of charge. If you are still not repaying your foreign currency loan through our online exchange office, download the template application for the repayment of a loan in francs (or other currency) under the link: Template application for the repayment of a foreign currency loan through the online exchange office. 

Buying francs on the Internet

Please remember that you must have a foreign currency account in the loan currency (CHF, USD, EUR) at the bank in which you have the loan. At most banks, this account can be set up for free. All you have to do is order automatic transfers to the account in the given currency through our service, and then you can pay your loan instalment. Buying a foreign currency through our online exchange office will allow you to exchange currencies at a far more advantageous rate than at your bank. Check out this link for online exchange office opinions.


An example of a customer question regarding the repayment of a foreign currency loan by

How can I purchase CHF through to pay instalments of a mortgage loan?

I have a personal account with BPH, but my loan is from Santander Bank. Please tell me if it is possible for you to send the CHF that I purchase directly to the instalment payment account together with the precise data of the credit agreement in the title, since it is not an individual account. At BPH I was told that if I wanted to transfer CHF from my personal account to the account at Santander, the transfer would be treated as an international transfer – with a fee of PLN 65 – cancelling out any savings I made by purchasing CHF here and not at Santander Bank.


Repay your foreign currency loan cyclically, automatically

The answer to all your questions is: YES. You can transfer PLN to our account at BPH – with a posting time of around 5 minutes. Cost PLN 0. You then make a PLN -> CHF transaction at the current exchange rate. will then transfer the CHF to the credit account at Santander – the transfer is immediate. The cost is PLN 0. You can place any information in the transfer title and the transfer will be executed with the exact title you set. It is also possible to set up an automatic cyclical payment for your loan instalment (free of charge) using our deferred transaction service which is called  – “Your date".      



Register for FREE and check how much you will save

It takes only few minutes to register and use our online currency exchange service which is fully automated.

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