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Website login instructions

In order to log into the trading platform, you need to correctly complete all the form fields in line with the following instructions. The Login button on the homepage, located on the top bar opens a login form.


Login – enter the e-mail address indicated by the User in the process of registration at




Password – in the “password" field, enter the password set up during registration, paying particular attention to upper cases and special characters. It is possible to change the password.


Phone number – the phone number field is one of the security and authentication instruments; it includes the digits of the phone number indicated by the User during website registration, without the area code. During the login process, the User is requested to enter selected digits in a random order. For instance, the second, fifth and ninth digit of the phone number, which should be entered in the relevant empty fields. The safeguard using a masking password is a procedure frequently seen in bank systems.





If the User makes a mistake at any time or is unsure whether they can use the “clear" function, which removes the previously entered values and enables filling them in again.





When all the fields are completed, you need to click the login button to accept and log in, or cancel if you want to abandon the login procedure.





Five login attempts with an incorrect password will block access to the account for security reasons. The User will only be able to login again by resetting the password. This function should also be used if a User forgets their password. In order to reset the password, click the “forgot password" button in the login form, and the User will be requested to set up a new access password to the website.





In the new password setup window, you have to enter the e-mail address and then provide a new and adequately strong password. The strength of the password is illustrated with a coloured scale located next to the field with the newly entered password. The new password will be accepted if its strength is at least moderate. To approve the password entered, you have to repeat it in the following field in order to avoid potential errors. You can also change the password in the trading panel. 





The next step to change the password is to download a one-time code by clicking the “download code" button.





The User will receive a message on the code generated and an e-mail with the code to the address indicated in the registration process.





Copy the code and enter it or paste it in the “one-time code" field. If the code is not received by e-mail within one minute, check your SPAM folder.





After entering the one-time code, the User will be asked to enter three randomly chosen digits of their phone number in the “phone number" field.





To approve the changes introduced, click the “change" button.


If all fields were completed correctly, the User will be logged in successfully to the trading panel

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