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For nearly one hundred years, PKO Bank Polski has been consistently building its credibility, ensuring the safety of entrusted funds and financing the needs of generations of Polish families and Polish companies. PKO  has a very strong brand and is cognizant about its roots and takes care ofits ancestral traditions. The bank strives for new solutions to improve processes in the Bank. While creating products and services that set new trends in the market, PKO is a leader of innovation and sets the pace for  the future of the Polish domestic financial industry.


The PKO Bank Polski Group is one of the largest financial institutions in Poland, and it is also one of the leading financial groups in the European Union.  PKO is a leader of the Polish banking sector, both in terms of scale of operations, as well as equity, assets, number of customers and the extent of the distribution network.


Today, PKO is a strong and modern universal bank that combines its traditionally dominant role in the retail sector with the strengthening of its market position of the corporate and investment segments. PKO has built its position in the insurance industry, developing a modern bancassurance model, using assets acquired in the acquisition process of the Nordea Group companies which it has been building since 2014.


For years, PKO provides a high value proposition for shareholders by bringing solid and stable profits and consolidating its market share in key business categories. At the end of 2014, PKO's market share of deposits was 17.3%, and in the loans market it was 17.9%,


PKO has  1,319 branches, 1,001 agencies and 3065 ATMs as of 2014.  PKO has been developing its electronic banking services packages  (offered under the brand name of iPKO and within Inteligo which was acquired by PKO on 2002), and IKO mobile banking shared in 2013.


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