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Bank Zachodni WBK was established as a result of a merger between Bank Zachodni S.A. with Wielkopolski Bank Kredytowy S.A. in 2001. That same year, the bank’s shares debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


On 1st April 2011, Bank Zachodni WBK joined the Santander Group, which is the main shareholder of the Bank and currently holds 70 percent of its shares. Almost two years later, on 4 January 2013, Bank Zachodni WBK merged with Kredyt Bank. Following the merger, Bank Zachodni WBK became Poland’s third largest bank in terms of assets, loan portfolio and deposits. The new enlarged Bank Zachodni WBK now has a network of around 1000 branches. Despite the economic downturn in Europe, the bank continues to achieve  income growth and an increase in market share.


Bank Zachodni WBK is considered to be the market leader in terms of implementing new solutions for the financial services sector and was the first bank in Poland to issue microchip-enabled payment cards and the newest cards for contactless payments. The Bank continues to innovate and to provide its customers with modern mobile banking solutions such as money transfers via mobile phone, cardless ATM withdrawals, and invoice payments via QR code scanning.


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