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Low fee exchange office

OszczędnośćClients are provided with free services such as free bank transfers (depending on the bank used by the client) or exceptionally low commissions for transfers. With the kantor.pl online exchange platform, foreign currency exchange rates are more favourable than those offered by banks and traditional exchange offices.



Kantor.pl enables currency exchange at the current exchange rate whenever you decide to make your transaction. The company guarantees that there are no hidden fees and clients are not charged any fees or commissions. Kantor.pl offers a variety of services for free:


  • Registration with kantor.pl – free
  • Making transactions – free
  • Foreign currency transfers from domestic banks (SHA option*) – free
  • Foreign currency transfers from foreign banks (SHA option*) – free
  • Electronic accounts – free
  • Transfers between clients and banks in which kantor.pl holds bank accounts – free

* SHA option: costs divided between the sender and the recipient


Low-cost international transfers

The Kantor.pl currency trading platform offers clients very low cost remittances. Fees for international transfers amount to PLN 3 for transactions in EUR and PLN 5 for transactions in GBP, CHF and USD, regardless of the amount. 



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