Foreign transfers for importers and exporters

Dobre kursy walut dla firm Does your company sell the majority of its output abroad? Or maybe your company imports raw materials or production equipment from Germany in euro? If your company pays invoices in a foreign currency or receives payment for services performed in other currencies, it is beneficial to exchange currencies through the transaction platform and take advantage of favourable exchange rates and low fees for international bank transfers. is the right partner for your company and will professionally service transactions, guaranteeing the swift flow of funds and competitive prices. will allow your company to avoid banks in making payments for goods. Rates for international transfers are charged at cost. You can use the transaction platform of the online exchange office directly in order to pay for goods. 


All transactions are kept in the form of accounting documents after each transaction. An accounting document is automatically generated as a PDF file which confirms the conclusion of an operation. The User may download accounting documents from the accounting evidence tab in the transaction panel. This information is very useful for accountants. 


No more high fees for international transfers!

Commissions charged by banks for international transfers may be steep – especially for small companies. When companies use different currencies, it often comes attached to hefty fees for transferring money to foreign customers, especially for currencies other than the euro. But even in the case of the euro, regardless of the requirements of the EU, many banks still charge high fees for international transfers. At BGŻ Bank, the fee is PLN 10. A transfer in euro costs as much as PLN 20 at BRE Bank, PLN 40 at Crédit Agricole, and at Millennium Bank it can cost up to PLN 170 (0.25% of the transfer amount, min PLN 5 and max PLN 170). At, a bank transfer in euros costs PLN 3, regardless of the transaction amount. Remember that making international transfers requires providing the SWIFT code of the foreign bank. If the recipient bank is a Polish bank, you should provide the Swift code of your bank in Poland, which can be found at thne link above.


We make settlements for values exceeding EUR 15,000

In Poland, it is required by law that any settlement with a value exceeding EUR 15,000 must be carried out via bank accounts. ensures the legal exchange of amounts exceeding EUR 15,000. Carry out the whole transaction safely in our online exchange office around the clock, without bearing risk related to cash turnover.


Online currency exchange

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