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Transaction modes

In response to your needs, we offer the following currency trading models that provide you with maximum flexibility for conducting immediate and deferred transactions (Your Rate, Your Time):


Here & Now – Immediate transaction

This model enables immediate currency exchange. You can feel secure that the exchange rate is current because it is refreshed every 2 seconds. The processes of currency exchange and incoming payments are automated, eliminating errors. The service is performed immediately in three modes at the rate applicable at the time of the transaction with favourable terms


Your Rate – Deferred transaction

This model enables the exchange of currencies at a pre-set rate. You can submit an exchange order at any time, and it will be made automatically during business hours (on business days) when the rate you set is matched with the market rate. Transactions are free of charge, kantor.pl charges no commission.



Your Time – Deferred transaction

This free service lets you set a fixed cyclical date and time to conduct a currency purchase or sales transaction and indicate the account to which the funds will be transferred. In addition to cyclical orders for such transactions as repayment of foreign currency loans, this mode also enables you to make a one-off order for the exchange of funds on specified dates.


International transfer

International transfer will allow you to send currencies abroad. The service is completely secure and automated and – most importantly – it offers the lowest international transfer costs on the market. Kantor.pl carries out remittances to all banks in the world.


Here & Now 24 – Immediate transaction 24

This model lets you exchange foreign currencies all day long at the current rate, even after the business hours of kantor.pl. Here & Now 24 lets you perform transactions 24/7 – even at night or on weekends. Exchanged funds will be posted to an internal account or sent to an outside account. Outgoing payments will be performed on the following business day.



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