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Kantor.pl is a currency exchange platform which enables all-day access to exchange rates on the Forex market where you can exchange currency at the lowest rates and with low margins. You can choose to exchange money immediately at the current market rate or – if you have time – set your own rate and wait until the currency market matches your pre-set price threshold.


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Spłata kredytu w obcej walucie

The currency market is constantly evolving with significant currency fluctuations that depend on economic factors. Now you don't have to follow the changes all the time, simply order our of exchanging currencies at your time service. Exchange swiss francs and other currencies on the most convenient dates for you. When the zloty is appreciating, it is worth buying currencies such as US dollars, Swiss francs or euros. Kantor.pl provides you with full control over the process of currency exchange all day long.




Clients repaying loans in euro or Swiss francs CHF are frequent users of the service. If you're still not repaying your foreign currency loan through our online exchange platform, download the template application for the repayment of a loan in a foreign currency under the link. Copy our template application for the repayment of a loan in francs and send it to your bank. Start saving now on your loan instalments paid with kantor.pl!


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