Recommendation Programme Policy

Exchange your foreign currency without any margins or fees! The promotional Recommendation Programme of is a great way to exchange your foreign currencies without margin and commission. Now you and anyone to whom you recommend can take advantage of this program. For every recommendation, you and anyone you recommend will be able to exchange at the average rate (which means with no margin) up to 1,000 currency units.


Recommendation Programme Regulations

§1 Definitions

  1. The Regulations provide a written document that establishes the operating principles of the currency exchange platform available online at
  2. Recommendation Programme (RP) Regulations (RP) – this document regulates the operating principles of the promotional Recommendation Programme.
  3. RP User – a User of who registered on the website following a recommendation under the Recommendation Programme. This must be a natural person with full legal capacity or a legal person or an organisational unit without legal capacity who/which until registration was not a User of the website according to the User definition included in Regulations.
  4. Promotional Transaction – a one-time currency exchange transaction consisting of up to 1,000 currency units at an average rate (that is with 0 spread), concluded with during business hours.
  5. The other definitions used in these Recommendation Programme Regulations shall be identical to the definitions of the Regulations.

§2 Recomendation programme (RP) rules

  1. An RP User shall Register on the website as part of the Recommendation Programme.
  2. The RP User shall be notified thereof at registration in a message of the Recommendation Programme.
  3. As part of the Recommendation Programme, the RP User may make a Promotional Transaction.

§3 Recomendation programme (RP) reservations

  1. The RP User may make a Promotional Transaction only when the funds paid to the bank accounts of and aimed for exchange are transferred from the bank account kept by the RP User.
  2. The RP User may use the Promotional Transaction only if the funds after exchange are transferred from to the bank account kept by the RP User.
  3. shall reserve the right to cancel a Promotional Transaction in the event that the provisions of items 1 or 2 are breached.

§4 Final provisions

  1. The general regulations of using the website and the Recommendation Programme have been established in Regulations.
  2. The Recommendation Programme Regulations may be amended by the Operator’s Management Board. The User shall be notified of every amendment through the Trading Panel.
  3. These Recommendation Programme Regulations shall enter into force on 01/10/2014.
  4. Users may get more information on the website on the online exchange platform reviews page.

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