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Available banks

Kantor.pl cooperates with all banks in Poland as well as international banks. The list of banks where Kantor.pl keeps banks accounts includes the following banks which offer free bank transfers:



List of banks served for free





Here you will find Swift / BIC account numbers for the above banks.


TopTransfer (Instant bank transfer)

TopTransfer  is the cheapest and fastest way to exchange foreign currencies on Kantor.pl, since Kantor.pl and the User keep their accounts in the same bank, meaning the transfers of funds are performed between accounts in the banks where both Kantor.pl and the User keep their accounts. Such transactions are free of the fees charged by banks for foreign currency interbank transfers. Currency exchange from/to mBank and MultiBank is performed through kantor.pl accounts at BRE Bank – which may, but does not necessarily involve transfer costs.


For detailed information on the costs of transfers to specific banks, check: transfer costs.


An important advantage of the TopTransfer service, i.e. an “immediate transfer" by the bank included in the list of partner banks is the fact that the entire foreign currency purchase or sales process usually takes no more than several minutes. Currency exchange is performed online: For more information on transfer execution times, see transfer execution times.



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