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Immediate transfers

Free and immediate transfers in TopTransfer mode

Błsykawiczny transfer

As part of our service, transfer time is as fast as 30 seconds to 2 minutes in TopTransfer mode when utilizing cooperating banks. Transfers are made immediately, for free. Kantor.pl exchanges currencies 24/7, and during business hours kantor.pl guarantees that payments are credited to clients’ accounts within the time limits set out in the following links, provided that the banks’ IT systems are operating correctly. Presently, kantor.pl cooperates with 18 banks to which free bank transfers can be made. You can check the transfer times between banks and the kantor.pl trading platform at this link here.


SpeedTransfer – speed transfers with other banks 


Kantor.pl enables foreign currency exchange more quickly thanks to its cooperation with other banks (not indicated above) in Poland in the SpeedTransfer mode. Transfers ordered by 1.45 p.m. as part of such a transaction, are carried out immediately. The currency will appear on the account in any bank in Poland often within just 2 hours of conducting the transaction. The Kantor.pl trading platform enables immediate transfers with a fully automated currency exchange process. A precondition for using the SpeedTransfer service is the volume of the transfer. If the exchanged amounts are lower than the requirements, the transaction will be made in OneDay+ mode.



Express international transfers

Kantor.pl offers the possibility of making international express bank transfers that reach the recipient on the following day if the transfer is sent by 1.30 p.m. This service costs PLN 60. The charge is transparently displayed in the transaction panel. We ask that clients contact our office directly through the “Contact us" tab in the trading panel if your transfer must absolutely reach the recipient on the following day, as there may be some external barriers, especially when sending money to Asia and the U.S. where time differences must be taken into account. Regular international transfers take up to 2–3 days. These bank transfers are sent at the lowest possible cost for international transfers available on the market (from PLN 3 to PLN 5 per transfer, regardless of the amount) to any bank in the world.

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