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Błsykawiczny transfer

Immediate transfers

The quickest transfer time on the market. Thanks to full automation and cooperation with domestic and international banks we provide (in the TopTransfer option), transfer times as fast as 30 seconds to 2 minutes!





Kantor.pl provides clients with the lowest fees in the online foreign exchange market. Free, express domestic transfers (TopTransfer option). Fees for international transfers are as low as PLN 3 for transactions in EUR and PLN 5 for transactions in GBP, CHF and USD, regardless of the amount.





Guarantee of a fully secure online currency exchange platform. Kantor.pl ensures the security of your transactions with an array of capital and online protective measures.



Recommend us to a friend and both you and your friend will exchange currency without a spread (margin). This is the best way to exchange currency. You too will become a winner, as well as any person to whom you recommend kantor.pl – no margins, no spread for up to 1,000 currency units.



Modele transakcji

Transaction models

We provide transaction models that either immediately enable foreign currency exchange or provide a choice of two deferred modes: Your Rate and Your Time.



Program partnerski

Partner programme

Learn about an attractive way to cooperate with us. Earn money by promoting kantor.pl through your website.




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