Low price international transfers

International transfers

przekazy zagraniczne w cenie od 3 do 5 złotych

Do you need to send funds from abroad to your family in Poland? Or maybe your son is studying in England and urgently needs British pounds to pay for his flat and tuition? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please read on.


When you exchange currencies with us (Polish zloties to euros, dollars, francs and pounds or the other way round) you can order an international transfer of currencies in the Kantor.pl currency exchange platform around the clock 24h.


All you need to do is register with the Kantor.pl service, provide bank accounts in Poland and abroad in the transaction panel, and the online exchange office at Kantor.pl will quickly make an international transfer within 1-3 days. Remittances sent abroad require entering the two-letter code of the target country: codes of European countries, codes of countries around the world. You can find more information on the execution time for transfers here: international transfer times


Cheapest international transfers

You should also remember that the Kantor.pl service makes international transfers with the lowest costs of international transfers on the market (from PLN 3 to PLN 5 per transfer, regardless of the amount) to any bank in the world. Anyone can benefit from the services of Kantor.pl, as long as they are an adult natural person with full legal capacity. If you don't know the BIC / SWIFT number of your bank in Poland, click on this link: List of SWIFT / BIC numbers of banks in Poland. Kantor.pl customers highly rate our online exchange office. Feel free to read through customer comments at this link: customer opinions


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