Persons studying abroad

Studying outside of Poland?

Kantor online dla osób studiujących za granicąMore and more Polish students go abroad to countries like the United Kingdom, (including Scotland, and Wales), France, Germany, Switzerland, and the USA. Studying abroad is an investment which will pay in the future. As with any good investment, studying abroad is not cheap.

International transfers

It is worth paying your tuition, flat or dorm rent and other educational expenses using the currency exchange platform. Our online exchange office will exchange currency quickly, at a good price, without unnecessary formalities, and most importantly, will help send currency abroad from Poland. An important advantage of the service is the transfer of currency abroad.


In order to make a cheap international transfer, just go to and register. There is no need to open a foreign currency account in your bank in Poland. Then, just log in and transfer zlotys from the PLN account in your bank to our PLN account, where you can buy currency like GBP and send it directly to the UK. On, you just define the target GBP foreign currency account, and as soon as the exchange has been completed, transfer the purchased GBP to that bank account in the UK. The costs of a GBP transfer, regardless of the transferred amount, is always only PLN 5.


Low-cost international transfers

Thanks to our international transfer service, you can send zlotys from your bank account in Poland (exchanging them to another currency in our currency exchange platform), and receive euros, American dollars, British pounds or Swiss francs CHF in any bank account abroad (or vice versa). It all happens safely and automatically. And what is most important for students, with the lowest costs of international transfers in the market. The cost of an international transfer in EU is only PLN 3, or for British pounds, American dollars or Swiss francs only PLN 5. The exact costs of domestic and foreign transfers are described in the price list.


Any parent or student can benefit from the services of, as long as they are an adult with full legal capacity.


Example question from a parent regarding paying tuition

Parents whose children study abroad are asking:

I want to exchange zlotys into British sterling at and send them to an account at Lloyds TBS for my daughter who is studying. Do I need to open a foreign currency account in my bank, ING?

In the above mentioned situation, there is no need to open a foreign currency account at ING bank. You can transfer PLN from your PLN account at ING to our PLN account at, and then through our site purchase British pounds and send them directly to the UK. Through the service, define the GBP foreign currency account at Lloyds, and after the exchange is completed, transfer the purchased British sterling to that bank account in the UK. The cost of the international transfer, regardless of the transferred amount, will only be PLN 5. website uses cookies. By using the website you agree to the use of cookies. More information here
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